Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Voodoo!

with valentine's day just around the corner, don't you think it's the perfect time for voodoo?!  

in the spirit of the holiday, the wandering herbalist will be at the "puppy love" show at willow this thursday night, february 11th.  a percentage of all sales made during "puppy love" will be donated to chicago canine rescue, a favorite local shelter.  it's the perfect time to shop from your heart, for your love!   

shop dog boo and i will be there with all the makin's for your own personalized voodoo dog- the perfect valentine gift for yourself or your favorite dog owner!  working on the philosophy of "reverse" voodoo, just push the pin into the blooming heart center and send love- and whatever else you'd like!- to your favorite pooch.  good thoughts make good voodoo!

here's how you will make your own doggy voodoo doll:

choose your dog... all the fabric is re-purposed, usually from shirts purchased at goodwill or the salvation army...

then choose your "voodoo"...  here are a few options i'll have... clockwise, starting from the top left:

calendula- to bless a departed soul (good for someone who recently lost a pet).
rose- for love... lots and lots of love!
comfrey- for safety during travel (perfect for a pooch who is stuck in cargo on a plane).
hawthorne (berries)- gets love flowing (for crabby dogs or dog owners)!
nettles- for adaptability and to be able to flourish where needed and loved (perfect for a foster dog who is moving on to a permanent home).
meadowsweet- for love spells!  fun!  also to cheer the heart.

you can also add a sweet, personalized note...

then we'll add the herbs/note/both, and sew it up...

and there you go...  that voodoo that you do so (sew) well!  

"puppy love" happens at willow on thursday, february 11th from 6 to 9 p.m..  there will be trunk shows featuring local accessory designers, my doggy DIY craft, a silent auction, wine and beer, and all-around fun and frivolity.  *ummm... have you met amy- the owner of willow- yet?  she's nothing but crazy fun!!*  

puppy love at willow
thursday, february 11th
850 north damen  (a block and a half north of chicago, on the west side of damen)
6 to 9 p.m.

come on over!  don't make us beg...!!!

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