Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do That Voodoo That You Do SO Well!

one of my favorite things to make are my doggy voodoo dogs.  they were inspired by the final project i created for the first herb training i did with tonja- a first aid kit for a broken heart.  the kit had various herbal remedies- hawthorne tincture, rose tea, healing foot bath, etc....-  but the "star" of the kit was my "reverse" voodoo doll.  it's "reverse", because instead of inflicting pain, you send love.  with each push of the pin (into the blooming heart), you send love to the person you're thinking about.  love not pain!  yeah! 

when i got boo last january, my whole life began to revolve around dogs (clearly...!) and when i did my second herb training at moondance, i decided to do a doggy first aid kit.  hence the creation of doggy voodoo dolls.  they are perfect for a dog owner who travels a lot, someone whose dog is ill, or just anyone who is in love with their pooch.  the dolls are made with repurposed fabric and sewn by hand.  by me.  with lots of love and intention.  :)  

so the next time someone tells you to "stick it", maybe it will have a whooooooole new meaning.  

happy holidays!    

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