Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If Lady Gaga Were an Herb...

... i think she'd be dandelion!  right?  right!  come on, we all know that dandelion is a very, VERY misunderstood  herb.  uniquely beautiful, golden, and FIERY, dandelion seems to be eeeeverrrywhere, yet the uninformed are always trying to get rid of it!  try as they may, dandelion never goes away, it just comes back bigger, better and more fabulous every time.  i mean, think about it...

dandelion grows through concrete!  concrete!  can't keep that beauty down....

dandelion adapts itself to grow lower than the lawnmower!  "oh, just try to cut me...  ha!"

bottom line, dandelion will surface and bloom, and always be able to express itself.  strong, determined and adaptable, i think we can all learn something from dandelion.  don't you?!  the wandering herbalist is going to tap into those qualities for the move from denver to chicago!  hell yeah!  so how can you connect with dandelion?  eat the leaves!  or... since it's winter... drink an infusion or a cup of tea.  the leaf is a great tonic for the kidneys, the root is amazing for the liver.

do an experiment with me-drink dandelion leaf infusions every day for two weeks, and let's see if our attitudes are altered.  strength, adaptability, determination!  and "poker face", of course.  ;)


  1. ok i'm in with the dandelion thing. what do i need to do to infuse the tea?

  2. sharlan! do you have a french press? if so, you just put a heaping tablespoon of dry herb in the bottom of the press, pour in the boiling water, put the plunger on the top, but don't press it out yet. let it sit overnight, press it out in the morning! dandy can be slightly bitter, so i usually dilute it a bit with pure water. fun! let's be dandy together!! xoxo SEE you soon! we leave sunday. ;)

  3. Sunny dandelion!! I'm guessing you won't see dandelion for a while in Chicago. By the way, I heard you were moving...Denver will be lonely without you. I'll miss seeing you in the shop but want to wish you all the best on your new venture. Take good care!