Tuesday, December 1, 2009

exfoliate and steam and a fresh mask... OH MY!

the first offering on the traveling herbalist's CHICAGO menu is the fresh, fabulous face party! it all starts the last week of december! get your glow on just in time for new year's eve!

using fresh, hand-crafted moondance botanicals (www.moondancebotanicals.com) products- we will:

1. exfoliate (with honey-almond, or cleansing grains- made with powdered oats, white clay and poppy seeds)
2. cleanse (with lavender silk, a luscious non-soap cleanser)
3. herbal steam (choose from soothing rose/calendula or tonifying lavender/fennel)
4. fresh masks! (seasonal! but always includes chocolate-rose... yummMmm...)
5. product product product! spritzers, serum, moisturizer and eye cream. *big sigh*

i will come to your home or office, anywhere in the city of chicago. $25/person, five-person minimum. enjoy a 20% discount on any moondance product ordered the day of your spa party! your fresh skin care will be boxed up and shipped out the same week. who needs the sun in the dark chicago winter... we'll all soon be glowing!

*would you like me to set up wine and food for your spa party? i WILL! i have lots of cool friends who do and sell cool stuff! we'll "tawk"...*

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